The World’s only fully integrated Modular Gas Chromatography Systems with built-in Sampling & Concentration accessories for virtually every GC method. Modules can be mixed and matched to make 1000 cost effective, application specific configurations!

Imagine single or double oven systems, with up to 5 detectors, 4 injectors, 3 sampling valves, Liquid & Headspace Autosamplers, and a built-in, or stand alone, Purge & Trap, Air Concentrator, or MicroExtractor. The choice is up to you, if you can dream it, we can build it!

The Companion GC is small and portable and yet has the same features and sensitivity of lab based Series 600 Modular GC Systems. Many of the same modular components, such as electronic pressure controllers, easy to use touch screen user interface, and the fully programmable column oven, with the unique “Soft Landing,” that DPS is known for, are standard features on the Companion GC. The versatility of the Companion GC makes it a very attractive instrument to take with you wherever your sampling needs demand.”

The Gas Chromatograph “Companion” GC goes with you anywhere! The portable Companion GC is housed in a small rugged plastic suitcase. Portability is the next logical extension of modular product line and expands capability from lab based systems into the field.

Unlike the competition, the Companion GC can be configured with one of our many detector types. The mini- TCD (Thermo Conductivity Detector) can detect virtually every compound. The PID (Photo Ionization Detector) is routinely used to detect aromatics compounds found in petroleum products. With the FID (Flame Ionization Detector) you can detect hydrocarbons and solvents. Or for military applications, such as explosive analysis in the field, it can be configured with a TID (Thermo Ionic Detector), or for nerve gas with a NPD (Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector).

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