Bomb Kalorimeter

Bomb Calorimeter applicable in the industry such as electrical power, coal, paper making, petrochemical, cement, farming, medical research, and instruction to measure the Calorific Value of combustible materials ... Detail


GC Modular System You can start with a very basic GC and expand it later on. Lower initial investment.

After years of development and testing, DPS Instruments, Inc. is pleased to introduce the most expandable and versatile Gas Chromatography Systems in history. The DPS 600 Series GC systems are the world’s only modular GC systems. GC Modules can be mixed to and matched to make 100’s of cost effective ... Detail


Sky® Liners: Increased Availability and 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedSky® Liners: Increased Availability and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Restek is now offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee* on all Sky® inlet liners. If your liner does not perform to your expectations for any reason, simply contact Restek® Technical Service or your local Restek® representative. The Sky® liners analysts want most are in stock now—order today!. ... Detail

Food Purity and Identification Kits

Product purity is of top priority when it comes to consumer confidence.  The many reports of impure products making headlines make it even more important reassure your clients and customers that the products they are buying from you are pure and unadulterated ... Detail

Reference Standard

Reference Standards

We are the only few company in Indonesia that can offer a total services in providing your references standard needs... Detail

Solution for Users of Coal

Coal is used in boiler to produce steam which can be used for manufacturer heat process or electricity generation. Different boiler has different purposes, in order to obtain a maximum result and efficiency; there is different specification of coal for each type of boiler. From small boiler in a factory to big boiler for power generation. ... Detail

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Inorganic Ventures

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