What is TCT?

Wet Chemistry Products

At times, Wet Chemistry involves some difficult and unusual techniques. If you find yourself in a bind, give us a call. One of our experts will be happy to assist you. Plus, we offer analytical advice and in-depth technical guides right here on our website.

Standards you can trust


We use NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM and lot number specified on the certificate) for calibration and direct comparison.


We have detailed Error Budgets that define the errors used in determining the uncertainty, giving us a unique value for each lot of material.


We use ICP and ICP-MS to check the purity of all CRMs. Protocols are prepared for all new starting materials. We perform purifications and chemical modifications as required to meet predefined quality specifications.


We use two independent validated assay methods that are performed with a reliable QC standard.

Stable & Compatible

We've conducted stability studies on all standards, including blends. Compatibility and stability have been demonstrated and fully documented.


Conductivity Standards

Conductivity Standards for Wet Chemistry

For complete list of products and information


pH Buffer Standards

pH Calibration Standards for Wet Chemistry

For complete list of products and information

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